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  • Bobbi McCrae

This is the One for You

Most people think home staging is the simple task of placing furnishings in a room. Being on the outside, I can see why people think that - we take almost everything out of the room and replace the client's items with a few of our own. I am here to tell you, it is not that simple!

Staging a home requires a lot less furniture and accessories than decorating home, but must still suit it just as well and be done in one trip rather than over time. A design consultant/stager must be able to envision the space and create it in the same day - it takes more than just what meets the eye to successfully create a staged space that will appeal to many.

As a home stager, you must not only pick the perfect pieces that coordinate with the existing space, but you must also create a flow and style that will appeal to not just a few, but to almost everyone. Staging the home must capture the character that is already being perceived through the architecture and layout of the home and also make the space seem even more spacious and inviting.

The purpose of home staging is to not only remove all the existing clutter of the homeowner, but to help the potential buyer have that "this is the one for you" moment. Showing them the best use of the space using a beneficial layout and furniture sizing and appropriate accessories - They can see themselves living there for the next step in their lives.

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